Articles and Essays

This section contains articles and essays, serious and whimsical, on various aspects of medieval Hebrew poetry and its poets.

Poetry and History in Jewish Culture
by Howard Tzvi Adelman

Note on the Systems of Hebrew Versification: Hebrew Quantitative Poetry in Spain
by Benjamin Harshav

Chapter V. The Poetry (Piyyut). From A. Z. Idelsohn, Jewish Liturgy and Its Development
[New York: Henry Holt and Company, 1932 (rpt. New York: Dover Publications, 1995)]

POETS by Henry Rasof
Abraham ibn Ezra and the Metaphors of Imagination
From Zion to Prophecy: A Conversation with Yehudah Halevi
Gabirol at the Beach
Moses ibn Ezra: The Wandering Jew
Samuel Hanagid and the “Law of Man”
Yehudah Halevi: My Heart