Welcome to the Revised Medieval Hebrew Poetry Web Site

In 2014 I had the look of the site redone, thanks to the essential work of Denver web designer and graphic artist Tom Benway. In 2015 the site was tweaked by Boulder web designer Robert Piller.

While the basic content of the new site is pretty much the same as that of the original Web site, which I constructed for my MA in Jewish Studies from Gratz College, my own prose contributions have been slightly revised. New publications will be added to the reading lists, and some content will be added to a couple of the rather bleak sections: “Archives, Libraries, and Associations” and “Archives and Libraries.” A photoessay chronicling my two trips to Spain will be added in the future. And of course, there is this blog, occasionally added to or modified.

And I am hoping, in 2017, to visit Portugal and perhaps add to this web site relevant texts or photographs.


November 6, 2016