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Abrahams, Israel
The Book of Delight and Other Papers.
“Hebrew Love Songs.”
See the latter part of this material for information on medieval Hebrew poetry and for some poems.

Ancient Hebrew Poetry

Abrahams, Israel
Chapters on Jewish Literature (1899).
Chapter XI. The Spanish-Jewish Poets (I).

Abrahams, Israel
Chapters on Jewish Literature (1899).
Chapter XII. The Spanish-Jewish Poets (II).

Abrahams, Israel
Chapters on Jewish Literature (1899).
Chapter XVIII. Italian Jewish Poetry.

Cohen, Mark R.
“Language and Poetry.”

Internet Jewish History Sourcebook

Jewish Spain
Kosher Delight: Your Online Jewish Magazine
Eclectic but interesting directories of links to organizations, museums, and individuals; links to other information; and photographs.

Network of Spanish Jewish Quarters: Caminos de Sefarad
A valuable resource containing lengthy photo-illustrated essay-travelogues on Spanish cities of Jewish historical importance, including Cordoba, Jaen, Toledo, Palma, Tortosa, Barcelona, Girona, Tudela, Segovia, Oviedo, Leon, Ribadavia, Avila, Caceres, and Hervas. Scroll down a ways to the map, click on a city, and wait for the .pdf file to come up with information on history, culture, biographical figures, architecture, and monuments relevant to the one-time presence of Jews in these cities.

Toledo (Spanish)

Tudela (Spanish)


Hollender, Elizabeth.


Map of Spanish Cities on the “European Routes of Jewish Heritage.”

Map of Spain and Portugal.

Map of Andalucia, Spain.


“Medieval Spanish Jewish Poetry”
Several sentences on the subject of homoerotic poetry, along with a poem by Yishaq ben Mar-Saul and a poem by Isaac Ibn Abraham, taken from Norman Roth’s article “Deal Gently with the Young Man: Love of Boys in Medieval Hebrew Poetry of Spain,” Speculum 57:1 (1982) 20-51.


Ben Labrat, Dunash
“Dunash ben Labrat.”
Jewish Virtual Library.

Halevi, Yehudah
Jacobs, Louis.
“Judah Halevi.”

“Judah Ha-Levi.”

“The Poetry and Prose of Yehudah ha-Levi.”

“R. Yehuda Halevi.”
Texts and performances of his liturgical poetry.

Regelson, Abraham
“Israel’s Sweetest Singer: Yehudah Halevi (1080-1140).”
Biographical sketch, analysis of poems and the Kuzari, and translations of poems.

“Yehuda Halevi.”

Hanagid, Samuel
“Abraham ibn Daud: On Samuel Ha-Nagid, Vizier of Granada, 993-d after 1056.”
Internet Jewish History Sourcebook. Medieval Sourcebook.

“Samuel Ha-Nagid (Samuel Halevi ben Joseph Ibn Nagdela).” nagid

“Samuel ha-Nagid.”
Jewish Heritage Online Magazine.
Good overview, utilizing excerpts from quality scholarly materials.

“Yehudah HaNasi (Judah the Prince).”
Jewish Virtual Library.

Ibn Ezra, Abraham
“Ibn Ezra, Abraham Ben Meïr (Aben Ezra).” ezra abraham

“Abraham Ibn Ezra.”
Jewish Virtual Library.

“Abraham Ibn Ezra.”

“R. Avraham Ibn Ezra.”
Hebrew texts and performances of the author’s liturgical poetry.

Epstein, Meira.
“Rabbi Avraham Ibn Ezra.”

Ibn Ezra, Moses
“Ibn Ezra, Moses Ben Jacob Ha-Sallah (Abu Harun Musa).” ezra moses

“Moses ibn Ezra.”

Ibn Gabirol, Solomon
“Ibn Gabirol, Solomon Ben Judah (Abu Ayyub Sulaiman Ibn YaḤya Ibn Jabirul.” gabirol

“R. Shlomo Ibn Gabirol.”
Hebrew texts and performances of the poet’s liturgical poetry.

Immanuel of Rome
“Immanual the Roman.”

Abrahams, Israel.
Chapters on Jewish Literature (1899). Chapter VII. The New-Hebrew Piyut.

Arnoff, Basmat Hazan.
“The Piyyut Is Jewish Soul Music.”
Zeek, March 2006.
Recent article describing resurgence of interest in Jewish liturgical poetry in Israel, including the writing and performance of new poems, music, and poems set to music.

Deutsch, Gotthard. “Piyyut.”

Hammer, Reuven.
“Piyyutim: Religious Poetry.”

Invitation to Piyyut.
Web site in English and Hebrew (but mostly in Hebrew) dedicated to piyyut—Jewish liturgical poetry and music—with general information, classic piyyutim, as well as many new compositions.

Siegel, Eliezer
“Piyyut: The Poetry of Worship.”